Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Book of Revelation

I have been studying the book of Revelation for quite some time now.  I have answered questions about the chapters.  I have looked up some of the reference scriptures in other parts of the bible.  I started to do a study book by NavPress in the Life Change Series.  Plus, I am now reading a book called The Revelation of Jesus Christ a commentary by John F Walvoord.  This book was one of the many references in the bible study by NavPress.  I am so happy that I ordered this book.  It is helping me so much.  God's word is usually straight forward.  Even the prophecy is understandable after studying what other parts of the bible say along with a certain passage.  I have loved the book of Revelation since the first time I read it, however, I have asked God repeatedly to teach me the meaning of the part about the tribulation period.  This book is very helpful.  It gives examples of opinions written by other authors and then Walvoord explains why he agrees of disagrees.  In the end we can decide certain things for ourselves because we don't know all of the answers until it happens.

If you have been interested in the book of Revelation and would like to read an educational, orderly teaching about it, you can order this book at  As Walvoord said "The present age is an age of grace, an age in which God is testifying concerning Christ and His work, an age in which those who wish to hear may receive Christ and be saved.  The invitation given long ago to the seven churches of Asia to hear what the Spirit says is extended to men today."  God wants us to know all about Him and His character and attributes.  He is at the same time a righteous Judge and Love.  We cannot just choose the love side of God and dismiss the judgement.  If you are like me, you want to know all about God.  He is our creator and gave us the book of the bible so we could know Him better.

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